Loan Checklist

Your social security number
□ Your tax returns for the past two years
□ Bank statements for the past two months
□ Investment account statements for the past two months
□ Life insurance policy
□ Retirement account statements for the past two months Make and model of vehicles you own and their resale value
□ Auto loan account information
□ Personal loan account information
□ Divorce decree (if applicable)
□ Prior bankruptcy documentation (if applicable)

If You Currently Own Real Estate

□ Your most recent mortgage statement
□ Home insurance policy information
□ Home equity account note (if you are refinancing)
□ Copy of your current note (if you are refinancing)

Home Buying Checklist

□ Find a Realtor®
□ Find an Experienced American Mortgage, Inc. Loan Officer (LO)
□ Receive a Pre-Approval Letter from American Mortgage, Inc
□ Work with Realtor® to identify the desired property and get the offer accepted
□ Send LO Copy of Purchase Contract
□ Send LO Copies of Your Canceled Earnest Money Deposit Checks
□ Work with Realtor® to complete any necessary due diligence (e.g., home inspection, termite inspection, etc.)
□ Schedule an Appraisal through American Mortgage, Inc
□ Conduct a Final Walk-through before consummation
□ The purchase contract
□ Copy of your canceled earnest money deposit check

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